HearBuilder Phonological Awareness

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness is an evidence-based, interactive software program that helps students improve their phonological awareness and listening skills. Students earn instruments and band members to form the rock band The Phonemix while learning to segment, blend, and manipulate sounds.

Program Features
  • iPad® App Available - must have a subscription.
  • Research-based, evidence-based program.
  • Teaches children important listening and sound awareness for reading.
  • Targets nine phonological awareness skills: Sentence Segmentation, Syllable Blending, Syllable Segmentation, Rhyming, Phoneme Blending, Phoneme Segmentation & Identification, Phoneme Deletion, Phoneme Addition, Phoneme Manipulation.
  • Uses a fun game format to teach children better auditory processing and listening skills.
  • Meets the needs of children with different skill levels.
  • Monitors progress and provides frequent feedback.
  • Allows educator to add background noise at any level.
  • SMART Board compatible.