HearBuilder Sequencing

HearBuilder Sequencing is an evidence-based, interactive software program that targets comprehension and critical thinking using 2-6 step sequences. Students earn tokens to play fun arcade games each time they sequence events correctly.

Program Features
  • iPad® App Available - must have a subscription.
  • Research-based, evidence-based program.
  • Teaches children to put steps of an event into a logical order.
  • Targets 2-6 step sequences.
  • Have students Sequence Stories or Sequence Instructions.
  • Adjust the program to show pictures, play audio, and/or show text – turn any of the options on or off to customize for each student.
  • Includes fun arcade-style games.
  • Meets the needs of children with different skill levels.
  • Monitors progress and provides frequent feedback.
  • Allows educator to add background noise at any level.
  • SMART Board compatible.